Martial Arts School Marketing Made Easy with Monstro.

Monstro is a AI driven smart tool for martial arts schools. It makes getting more students, keeping them for longer, and referals for your school easier.

Monstro powers 1,000+ small businesses

I was not prepared for how fast the leads would come in once Monstro was installed... Honestly, with what I am experiencing right now, it would be difficult for me not to recommend Monstro. The experience I have had so far is overwhelming. Ive been in business for more than 26 years and have not ever experienced anything like Monstro before.

Frantz Cadet

Frantz CadetCadet Martial Arts

I think we were live for about 2 weeks and we already received 5 leads and signed up 3 of them. It just goes to show the quality of the leads. .. We are able to call and ... get them on board with us.

Jose and Jana D

Jose and Jana DSovereign World Wide

Once Monstro was installed... it didnt take long for me to see new students coming through the door... I would absolutely recommend Monstro to other Martial Arts Schools.

Jeff Remster

Jeff RemsterSeven Star Martial Arts

What is Monstro?

Let’s be honest. You didn’t open your business so that you could learn about programming, graphic design, copywriting, media buying, marketing, or sales. You opened your business because you are passionate about teaching your craft. We understand this, so we custom-build for you a complete end-to-end system that will predictably and reliably bring you new leads and convert them into paying customers so you can focus on what you do best… teaching!

Without Monstro
  • Unpredictable lead flow
  • Manual follow up
  • Fewer enrollments
  • Low retention
  • Poor revenue
With Mosntro
  • More leads
  • Automated follow-up
  • More members
  • Keep them longer
  • More revenue

How Monstro Helps You Grow.

We utilize AI and advanced technology to support martial arts schools in their growth by optimizing their students' journey: from acquiring strongly interested prospects to recruiting them into your classes with minimal effort.

Capture More Leads

Owning a martial arts school can be tricky. The toughest parts are getting more students and making sure they stick around. Monstro to make it easier for your martial arts school to capture more high-intent leads who are actively looking to join your classes.

With Monstro you can...
  • Consistently attract a reliable stream of free prospects who are actively looking for your martial arts school.

  • Stop spending money on unnecessary ad expenses and wasting time chasing individuals who aren't genuinely committed to enrolling in your martial arts school.

Enroll More Students

Are you tired of investing time and resources into leads who express interest but then ghost? We've mastered the system to effortlessly convert leads into trials. Our AI and automation tools guarantee optimal enrollment rates, even when you're preoccupied with teaching.

With Monstro you can...
  • Convert 80% more leads into trials and students for your martial arts school.

  • Quit wasting endless hours, manually following up and chasing after leads for your martial arts school.

Keep Them Longer

Just enrolling lots students isn't enough for your martial arts school to do well. You need to keep them engaged to increase retention. Through the power of AI, Monstro aids you in pinpointing which students are potentially on the verge of quitting and keep them coming back to your classes.

With Monstro you can...
  • Identify students at risk of quitting your martial arts classes.

  • Automatically re-engage with current members to ensure they stay 2x longer.

Get More Referrals

Turn your students into raving fans for your Martial Arts School. Word-of-mouth marketing and referrals are priceless, and best of all free. However, many martial arts school find it difficult to consistantly generate referrals. With Monstro, we make it effortless for your members to refer others, benefiting both them and your school. Our tools enable you to generate referrals quickly and easily, ensuring that your business flourishes through the influence of word-of-mouth marketing.

With Monstro you can...
  • Track and reward your members for referring your school.

  • Get more referrals without the embarrassment of asking for them.

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Jose and Jana DSovereign World Wide
Jeff RemsterSeven Star Martial Arts
PatrickJungle Gym
Carlos LealGraciie BJJ
Frantz CadetCadet Martial Arts
Sang KimMartial Arts USA

Make Your Martial Arts School Marketing Easy, Become Our Next Success Story.

At Monstro, we're changing how martial arts schools grow and operate. We're creating special tools to make things easier for students, keep them coming back, and give you more time to enjoy what you love.

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